Company profile


   Frez Food Industries started in 2016 from home and moved to the proper premise in 2017. Frez Food Industries has slowly developed the facilities and started with automation according the manufacturer standard and planned to be fully automation in future.


   Currently Frez Food Industries has certified with MeSTI by Malaysia Ministry of Health & HALAL certification by JAKIM Malaysia. It’s enough for Malaysia market but in future Frez Food Industries interest certify with HACCP & GMP depending on export market needed.


   Frez Frez Food Industries specializes in the production of Asian culinary paste. MamaBz premix cooking paste are distributed in groceries in Peninsular Malaysia.

We are focusing on manufacturing premix multipurpose hot and tangy paste with the unique taste. The premix hot and tangy is formulated to be multipurpose paste where it managed to be at least 6 type of different dishes (hot & tangy, tom yam, steamboat, stuffed fish, Portuguese grill and sweet sour).

Our commitment is to produce unique taste product for consumer. Development is always priority to ensure improving product quality.




   Cooking easily would be fun. Nowadays mothers only take 10 minutes to prepare a healthy meal for the family. MamaBz provided Asian culinary premix paste for busies mother. A multipurpose usage gives consumer better choices. Food prepared are unique, delicious and satisfy family needs. Despite busy with her career, mothers manage to cook for her beloved family.


     To the bachelors, this premix cooking is worth to use. Despite away from family but the cooking taste like form mother's hands.

The cooking instruction just simple as 1,2, 3. User just follow the instruction or add water and favorite dish, bring boil and it is ready to be served.


     For retail pack, it's comes with a small size (80g pack size). It suitable for 3 servings with one-time use. The price is very cheap and worth for the whole family meal.

Even at low price, quality and taste are guaranteed. Consumers would be interest and making it's a product that needs in every kitchen.


     Branding "MamaBz" is suitable for busiest mothers. The tagline "love cooking" shows consumer likes easy cooking method. MamaBz surely the right choice for modern mothers.