multipurpose sambal paste


Sambal is made from a mixture of chilies with onions, garlic, ginger, sugar, salt and tamarind. Sambal is the word of Indonesian language loan from Indonesia (sambel).

It is very popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Brunei and Singapore. Various sambal recipes are usually served with a variety of flavors.

Mamabz multipurpose sambal is a perfect mix of flavor. It not too spicy, not too sour, salty or sweet. It feels smooth and tasty. Fried Sambal is suitable for seafood, meat

and chicken. It is very good to eat with hot white rice, nasi lemak, bread and paratha.


multipurpose BLACK sAUCE PASTE


Black Sauce in Malaysia may be similar to the dendeng created by Minangkabau. At first they made Dendeng from beef, dried it so that it could be eaten

for a few days and brought it with them as they wandered.

Mamabz Black source refers to the long cooked dry dishes. It is made through a mixture of sugar, soy sauce,chili source spices and kerisik.

But now chicken can also be cooked according to taste. Normally children love this cuisine due to the taste of sweet and spicy. In Malaysia this dish

is usually served during the wedding feast because it is delicious and can last longer.

In addition he is also popular during feast where is eaten with ketupat, lemang, and rice cake.




Fish dishes with sour and spicy sauce are very well known in Malaysia and Indonesia. At Indonesia it is very famous in the dining restaurant Padang (Minangkabau).

At Malaysia, there are two popular versions of Johor Asam Pedas and Malacca Asam Pedas. There is not much difference between them all. Just a couple of spices

are added to customize the taste according to the suitability and taste of the community. Asam pedas is a food legacy that remains to this day.

Mamabz's multipurpose Hot & Tangy refers to the sour and spicy taste as hot as if it were fiery. It is cooked in sour fruit juice with chilies and spices.

The cooking process is started by soaking the tamarind it is cooked with chilies, onions, garlic, turmeric, lemongrass, ginger flower and kesum leaves.

Vegetables like lady’s finger and tomatoes added at the end of the dishes.

The main ingredients of asam pedas are usually seafood or freshwater fish. Commonly used fishes are stingrays, barred mackerel fish, jawed mackerel, Pomfret fish

and some of which use meat (minced). But chicken can also be used as food is also evolving. Use whatever your favorite side dishes are as long as they meet your taste.

It is very good to eat with hot white rice or nasi lemak. There are also friends in Malacca who love spicy sour gravy and are made into paratha gravy.

It's hard to describe how wonderful this dish is. Hope this picture helps you to moderate this cuisine




Rendang is well-known among Malays in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and among the people in southern Philippines. Rendang is usually prepared during

festivals and weddings.

Mamabz rendang is cooked using spices, including ginger, galangal, lemongrass, garlic, onion, chilies and other spices. Because of the abundance of spices,

rendang is known for its unique flavor.

Methods slowly cook in a pan on a small fire, so that all ingredients and meat are dry and well mixed. The slow cooking process allows the meat to absorb all the spices.

It suitable cook with chicken, meat, lamb and seafood.

Rendang is often served with rice, ketupat, lemang and rice cake.